Compensation Plans that Motivate

Within a cruise company’s direct-to-consumer sales organization, there were clearly many missed sales opportunities presented during supposed “customer service” calls. These service calls were handled by a different team than who made the initial cruise cabin booking to maximize the efficiency of the call center.

We developed a meaningful reward-and-recognition system and extremely cost effective compensation plan that dramatically improved “add-on” sales of air tickets, shore excursions and beverage packages, while identifying top talent who were then promoted to inbound and outbound sales positions.

Compensation Plan
Compensation Plan

At a financial services company, the performance of one of its 12 Sales Regions was lagging far behind the others for over a year.

Seeing that the market dynamics were dramatically different due to relative market immaturity, we developed a unique, creative compensation plan for the region that improved focus on key business needs/activities, better differentiated performance and led to a 61% increase in production in just 3 months.