Rockpoint Business Solutions is a full-service consultancy that partners with business owners, executives and private equity firms to identify and address operational inefficiencies and grow top-line revenue.

What sets Rockpoint Business Solutions apart is its professional leadership and hands-on, analytical approach to helping businesses make dramatic improvements in their organizations’ performance.

Because the founder of Rockpoint Business Solutions has built and led teams in diverse industries such as such as cruising, airlines and financial services (after starting his career in nuclear fuels/engineering plastics manufacturing), Rockpoint Business Solutions is keenly aware of the challenges faced by executives to generate improved results.

Rockpoint Business Solutions prides itself on its attention to detail, track record driving improvement in key operational and revenue metrics, and outstanding two-way communication to ensure the achievement of agreed upon targets.

Simply put, Rockpoint Business Solutions helps you maximize your results.

Steve Rosato – Managing Partner
Steve Rosato
Founder and
Managing Partner

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  • Owners and C-level executives of $10M to $1B businesses who need experienced leadership to help them quickly and incisively improve operational efficiency and top-line revenue in:
    • Direct and indirect sales teams;
    • Customer service organizations;
    • Call centers; and
    • Other revenue-producing teams.
  • Private equity/turnaround firms focused on restructuring, organic revenue growth and performance improvement.
  • Entrepreneur support organizations and think tanks that help existing companies operate more efficiently and grow.


  • We specialize in transforming operational efficiency and improving revenue.
  • We help our clients address both the “process” and “people” side of business issues.
  • We consult across organizational levels and functions, meeting with both leadership and relevant front-line employees to understand all points of view.
  • We help our clients focus on the key performance metrics that drive results.
  • We raise awareness of the key underlying actions required to achieve targets.
  • We provide practical, actionable advice that will tangibly improve your business.


Business Process Improvement

Rockpoint Business Solutions is adept at developing and executing innovative solutions to complex organizational and performance issues, with expertise in:

  • Business process re-engineering;
  • Identification of key performance drivers that accelerate bottom-line results; and
  • Development of strategies, tools and systems that drive dramatic improvement in those operational metrics

We are experienced in all aspects of successful performance improvement, including:

  • Focus on meaningful measurement and reporting methodologies;
  • Alignment of compensation, reward and recognition systems; and
  • Communication strategies that resonate from CEO to front-line employees



“Steve is one of the finest executives I have ever worked with. Steve led Capital One’s national field sales team through a time of significant growth and expansion. Revenue grew from $4.5 billion to over $12 billion during his time in role. Our sales organization doubled in size during this time. Expanding both the field sales organization as well as the inside sales team.

Steve brings strong discipline, intellect, organizational skills and a sound performance management discipline to the field. He is well liked among his peers as well as those who worked for Steve. Steve will challenge the status quo but doing so in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Steve’s direct team loved working for him due to his focused and energetic way of leading his team.

I recruited Steve to Capital One and he worked directly for me over a 4 year period. It was always a pleasure working with Steve. He is a great strategist that can see the big picture but also has the ability to shape the tactical and guide his team to excellence in execution. I would strong, strongly recommend Steve to any organization looking for an excellent leader in sales or operations. Proud to have worked with Steve and would and will hire him again given the opportunity.”

Larry Rodriguez, President/CEO High Performance Optics
“I worked in a support capacity for Steve for 2 years and I want to provide an unsolicited recommendation for his leadership and organizational skills. I have run analysis on performance for almost 2 decades and rarely, if ever, have I seen someone make the business metrics improve with such deliberate and traceable regularity. With his intuition for what’s important, clear communication style and unrelenting focus on improvement, he has fostered an environment where his team delivers emphatically. His superiors value it and his team resoundingly appreciates his influence on their ability to generate amazing results. Steve – I have learned a lot from you – Thanks!”
Matthew Maule, Associate Vice President at Celebrity Cruises, Inc.
“Steve is a dynamic leader with the rare blend of people leadership, analytics and strategic thinking. Steve is a motivational communicator who is equally effective in front of a small group or on a stage in front of hundreds. I highly recommend Steve!”
Mike Gathright, Senior Vice President, Hilton Reservations and Customer Care at Hilton Worldwide