“Steve is one of the finest executives I have ever worked with. Steve led Capital One’s national field sales team through a time of significant growth and expansion. Revenue grew from $4.5 billion to over $12 billion during his time in role. Our sales organization doubled in size during this time. Expanding both the field sales organization as well as the inside sales team.

Steve brings strong discipline, intellect, organizational skills and a sound performance management discipline to the field. He is well liked among his peers as well as those who worked for Steve. Steve will challenge the status quo but doing so in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Steve’s direct team loved working for him due to his focused and energetic way of leading his team.

I recruited Steve to Capital One and he worked directly for me over a 4 year period. It was always a pleasure working with Steve. He is a great strategist that can see the big picture but also has the ability to shape the tactical and guide his team to excellence in execution. I would strong, strongly recommend Steve to any organization looking for an excellent leader in sales or operations. Proud to have worked with Steve and would and will hire him again given the opportunity.”

Larry Rodriguez, President/CEO High Performance Optics
Leadership is action, not title or position. Steve exemplifies this by the way he helps his teams develop and perform at a high standard. He mentors with authority, integrity and humility. Being a part of Steve’s team the last two years has been a privilege and marked the most significant period of professional growth in my career. Ridiculously efficient and organized, he has a superior capacity to drive progress and change. Likewise, his humanity and genuine concern for the well-being of his subordinates cultivates a high level of engagement. It has been a highlight of my career to report to Steve, and I am far better for having worked with him. I am certain Steve will continue to lead teams to success and have a significant positive impact wherever he goes.
Maria Marsh, Vice President, Shipboard Operations at Park West Gallery

I reported to Steve for 2 years and during that time he instilled a level of structure, measurement, and accountability that truly transformed our organization. He expected that we all perform at our highest level, regardless of the initiative at hand — but importantly, he was always there to counsel, dig in to help and was also extremely supportive. He clearly knows when it’s appropriate to praise just as much as when he needs to be tough. Steve is a polished professional that has an uncanny ability to study “the numbers” and swiftly grasp a situation. Given my role is left-brain focused, I learned a lot from Steve’s right-brain insight and mentoring.

John Lichtenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Clinc, Inc.

“I worked in a support capacity for Steve for 2 years and I want to provide an unsolicited recommendation for his leadership and organizational skills. I have run analysis on performance for almost 2 decades and rarely, if ever, have I seen someone make the business metrics improve with such deliberate and traceable regularity. With his intuition for what’s important, clear communication style and unrelenting focus on improvement, he has fostered an environment where his team delivers emphatically. His superiors value it and his team resoundingly appreciates his influence on their ability to generate amazing results. Steve – I have learned a lot from you – Thanks!”

Matthew Maule, Associate Vice President, Business Intelligence at Celebrity Cruises, Inc.

“Steve is an inspirational and visionary leader who was able to successfully orchestrate the merger of 6 key departments into one business unit responsible for over $1B annually, and drive tremendous growth for the Celebrity Brand. Steve has great passion, energy and enthusiasm for driving results that is infectious and contagious amongst his team. Steve has the ability to clearly communicate his vision and the roadmap to achieve the key results with all levels of the organization. Steve has a participatory management style and listens very well to his leaders and their teams for ideas and feedback on how to improve. Steve was able to seamlessly take on four new business units (in addition to the two he already led) and was very comfortable rolling up his sleeves and diving into his new challenge. Steve was able to quickly discern the key drivers and metrics of those new divisions (Web, Guest Services, Loyalty Marketing, and the Celebrity Vacations business) and immediately make observations and recommendations to improve them. Steve is one of the most compassionate and caring leaders I know, fully subscribing to a “servant leadership” philosophy- and always looking for ways to provide his people with guidance, support, empathy and a sense of urgency and belief. Steve was also able to effectively cultivate key relationships across functions and levels in the organization to ensure the Guest Sales and Service Team had the support needed to be successful. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for Steve and be under his tutelage, as I was able to learn and grow in a big way under Steve’s leadership.”

Michael McCarthy, Vice President, Onboard Revenue at Celebrity Cruises, Inc.
“Under Steve’s dynamic leadership, the Sales Support organization at American Airlines saw noticeable and measurable gains in efficiency and effectiveness. As a manager, his inspirational coaching and organizational skills motivated his direct reports to exceed their goals and objectives. The business acumen and other skills I acquired while reporting to Steve have served me very well over the years…he was one of the best managers I have ever had.”
Chris S, Manager, Corporate Communications at Textron
“I worked for Steve for nearly 2 years as director of sales for the Northeast. Steve’ s leadership style is driven by empowering his team to succeed through growth and development. He fostered an environment of trust and collaboration among his team, which enabled us to achieve more together than anyone of us would have individually. Steve has a gift for looking at problems and processes and seeing the most efficient solution. We built a single, unified sales team that was operating as 3 separate sales forces, saved millions in operating costs and increased results by over 30%. It’s hard to envision a greater testimonial to process improvement than that.”
Richard Abel, Accomplished Sales Executive

“Steve is one of the most talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His skill set includes the rare combination of the ability to assess, develop and implement solutions to complex challenges, lead and motivate people at all levels, and increase sales. He is especially adept at building successful teams and leading them through major change. Steve is a man of integrity, sincerity, and compassion and would be a strong asset to any organization.”

Nora Linville , Hospitality & Direct Sales at Siduri & Novy Family Wines
“Steve has an amazing ability to quickly comprehend complex issues, provide a range of options to move forward along with the advantages and disadvantages of each, and concisely articulate the problems and solutions tailored to the specific audience. He is an pleasure to work with and an asset to any team.”
Chris Coy, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at GameStop; Grapevine City Councilman
“Steve is a dynamic leader with the rare blend of people leadership, analytics and strategic thinking. Steve is a motivational communicator who is equally effective in front of a small group or on a stage in front of hundreds. I highly recommend Steve!”
Mike Gathright, Senior Vice President, Hilton Reservations and Customer Care at Hilton Worldwide
“Steve is an inspiring leader and mentor. The scope of his oversight at Celebrity Cruises spanned numerous business units, and it was impressive to see him manage several different departments to achieve unified goals. He has a unique ability to focus on the high-level strategy while also getting into the details as necessary, and he both challenges his teams while building their loyalty. A great executive.”
Tom Ainslie, Director, Digital Product at Royal Caribbean International

“Results and servant leadership is what comes to mind when I think about Steve Rosato. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steve for 6 years, during which I reported directly to him for 4.5 years and work side-by-side with him on the same leadership team later in my career. Above all, I was impressed with Steve’s ability to drive results, via embracing his team’s morale to drive change. And, of course, his ability to relate and get to know his people, while encouraging a high level of analytics, enable him to stand out as a leader anywhere. Steve would be a true asset for any positions requiring analytics, drive for performance results, positive cultural changes and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

Angel Christopher Gomez, Associate Vice President, Guest Sales and Service at Celebrity Cruises
“Steve is a solid combination of entrepreneur, problem solver, communicator, and leader. Highly analytical, Steve is capable of easily grasping any concept, taking on all challenges, and successfully solving problems. Because of his diverse professional background and his capacity for learning, Steve can be impactful in any business. His communication style is direct and concise, yet compassionate. As a leader, Steve easily transitions from the board room to the front line. Results focused, Steve is soundly capable and at completely at ease with executive interactions. However, he also does not hesitate to “roll up his sleeves” and get involved in the front line of operations. He is equally comfortable and effective in either situation.”
William Nemecek, Operations Leader at Amazon.com

“Steve possesses very strong analytical skills, combined with a thorough understanding of process and people management skills. While at Capital One, Steve created a Metric Pacing Workbook, which tracked key performance metrics for the organization. Prior, one had to access several reports to obtain this data. Steve suggested combining the data into one easy to access and read report, that is still in use at Capital One today.
Steve also has great people skills, and works tirelessly to develop those around him. Upon deciding to leave the organization, Steve still took the time to schedule a final performance meeting with me. During this meeting, Steve provided feedback on my performance to date, as well as identified what he felt were my areas of strength, and opportunities. This was by far the most accurate and beneficial performance feedback I have received in my 9 years with the organization. Steve went above and beyond to see to it he not only put together accurate and beneficial information that would aid in my professional development, he also made it a point to deliver in a tactful and professional manner. Steve Rosato is an intelligent, dedicated and capable individual, who I consider myself fortunate to have worked with, and for. He will be an asset to the organization fortunate enough to bring him on board.”

Jonathan Latham, Senior Director, National Sales at Capital One