Rockpoint Business Solutions, established in 2016, is a full-service consultancy that partners with business owners, executives and private equity firms to identify and fix operational inefficiencies and increase top-line revenue.

What sets Rockpoint Business Solutions apart is its professional leadership and hands-on, analytical approach to helping businesses make dramatic improvements in their organizations’ performance.

Because the founder of Rockpoint Business Solutions has built and led teams in diverse industries such as cruising, airlines and financial services (after starting his career in nuclear fuels/engineering plastics manufacturing), Rockpoint Business Solutions is keenly aware of the challenges faced by executives to generate improved results.

Rockpoint Business Solutions prides itself on its attention to detail, track record driving improvement in key operational and revenue metrics, and outstanding two-way communication to ensure the achievement of agreed upon targets. Simply put, Rockpoint Business Solutions helps you maximize your results.

Steve Rosato – Managing Partner
Steve Rosato – Managing Partner

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